Shop by Season

When Sally Hillman created her map to show the different terroirs within the Champagne AOC she wasn’t expecting that this cartographic exercise would result in a guide to seasonal selection of champagnes!

She had colour-coded the regions, marking the actual vineyards in a darker shade of each colour, and then realised she’d instinctively chosen hues that suggested the season which best matched that particular champagne style: yellow for the region producing champagnes ideally suited for summer; teal for autumn; purple for winter; and green for spring. This coding is, of course, presented as a guide, not a rule!

We can also add a fifth, non-region specific season – the festive season! In Australia we are very fortunate to celebrate this season at the same time as our extended summer holidays. A champagne rosé served icy cold will delight dinner guests, or simply serve as a noble companion as you reflect on the activities of long leisurely summer days. Champagne rosé ranges in colour from the prettiest blush pink to salmon to crimson and is incredibly versatile with food. Outdoor dining and the robust flavours of a typical Australian BBQ are perfectly matched with wines of a pink hue and there is none better than a champagne rosé.

We invite you to use the current season to explore the champagnes which will ensure a perfect pairing with the seasonal produce available.