Sally Hillman’s love affair with champagne is longstanding as is her knowledge and enthusiasm for this intriguing and diverse French wine, in particular the lesser known, exclusive grower- producers.

Paired only with champagne our bespoke luncheon, dining or soirée experiences feature seasonal menus with exquisite dishes to showcase the individual nature of the selected champagnes. Sally Hillman takes guests on a journey through champagne which is memorable and fun for all.

Sally Hillman’s depth of knowledge was recognised in 2018 when she was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Vin de Champagne Awards, organised by the Australian Bureau du Champagne (a representative of the Comité Champagne).

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From boutique grower champagnes to the perfect glassware and a range of specialised accessories, Sally Hillman has carefully selected luxurious products, sure to surprise and delight.

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Sally Hillman experiences are elegant, memorable and fun for all, providing the opportunity to socialise with friends and family or engage with corporate clients while you enjoy champagne and learn about this fascinating French wine.

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