Champagne André Clouet

Jean-François Clouet and his family manage eight hectares of some of the finest pinot noir vineyards across the villages of Bouzy and Ambonnay, in the Montagne de Reims region.

Pinot noir is the star of Bouzy and André Clouet produces rich and concentrated wines that embody elegance and refinement. When it comes to taking care of the vineyards, the methods adopted by the Clouet family point to a traditional approach. The soil and vines are delicately tended to by hand, there are no herbicides in sight and they adhere to a strict process for sorting grapes during harvest.

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Jean-François seeks to express terroir in his wines. The resulting champagnes are rich, full-bodied, yet elegant expressions of pinot noir and are perfect for pairing with winter foods and menus. The flamboyant labels are the first thing you notice about André Clouet champagnes. Designed in 1911, they symbolise the Clouet family’s long history dating back to 1491. Clouet’s ancestors served as printers to Louis XV’s royal court at Versailles throughout the 18th century.