Lehmann Glassware

Think of the tulip as not just a flower – the only way to drink champagne.

At Sally Hillman, we only use and recommend a tulip-shaped glass designed in Reims, France. The delightful result of a collaboration between Lehmann Glass and Philippe Jamesse, Head Sommelier at Domaine Les Crayères for nearly 20 years.

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The collection is delicately made by hand, in both vintage and non-vintage styles. There is also a machine-made collection for more robust usage. The pointed base is pronounced to enhance a long and precise effervescence and provides a precise starting point for swirling. The lavish roundness of each glass allows the wine to stretch, and the delicate curve releases the aromas. The clarity of the lead-free crystal glass makes it possible to appreciate the beauty of the many shades of champagne. Enhance your champagne experience with the perfect glass.
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