Le Journal

My appreciation of champagne began 25 years ago.

I’ve always appreciated the celebrated vintages of the Grandes Marques, but it was a fortuitous introduction to a “grower-producer” champagne many years ago, that ignited my passion. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by these grower wines and enthusiastically share them with and educate others.

As an avid traveller I immersed myself in the world of champagne of all styles, the region and its long history. Having developed a keen nose and refined palette for champagne, I now share with you Le Journal, and hope that you share the same appreciation.

Champagnois brace for Brexit

The impending Brexit is causing anxiety in a wide variety of business people, including the Champagnois who devote their lives to creating the legendary wine.


Creating the magic bubbles

The champagne production process has much in common with our journey through life. There’s some early blending to create the initial character, followed by maturing,

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