‘Wine is a combination of culture and encounters with people. I particularly care for food and wine pairing and for the bonding moments which come with these times of sharing’Fabrice Sommier. Through a partnership with distinguished sommelier Fabrice Sommier, Lehmann Glass releases a timeless collection that respects the purest traditions and aims for perfection. The Head Sommelier at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Georges Blanc in Vonnas, Sommier has also been crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France (2007) and Master of Port(2010), and he brings his trademark energy and excellence to the Lehmann F. Sommier collection. Elegantly balanced with clear-cut curves, the collection embodies finesse, lightness, pragmatism and brilliance, perfectly suited for all table settings, champagnes and wines. The glass is the only tableware that remains throughout the meal and the robust, machine-made Hadrien or delicately mouth-blown Psyché and Ariane of this crystal glass collection would not be out of place in any setting—in fact, they would complete it.