Laherte Frères Rosé de Meunier


A champagne rosé with a unique personality; savoury with herbal hints it has a big mouthfeel yet a clean and mineral finish. The meunier in this cuvée is very elegant and results in a wonderfully balanced wine. Best enjoyed from a Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Synergie 75 handmade glass.

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Laherte Frères Rosé de Meunier



The blend consists of 100% meunier grapes treated three different ways:
60% meunier made as a white wine
30% meunier made as a rosé, using the saignée method
10% meunier is added as a still red wine

A very unique wine using both methods of champagne rosé creation; assemblage and saignée, with 50% of the blend from reserve wines and featuring two and a half grams per litre of dosage.


A beautiful bright salmon colour, this is a champagne rosé with a herbal, savoury profile. Ripe fruit gives it a big mouthfeel, the low dosage and minerality keeps it clean and the tannins from the saignée rosé element give it a long-textured finish.

Food match

Audacious enough to pair beautifully with a simple French dish of traditional confit duck.