Côte des Bar

The vineyards that make up the Côte des Bar region are located in the southernmost corner of Champagne, approximately 100 km from Reims (in the north of Champagne) and a closer neighbour to Chablis in northern Burgundy. Comprising a total of 63 villages, the Côte des Bar contributes approximately 23 per cent of the vineyard area to the appellation of Champagne.

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The terrain of the Côte des Bar is undulating and the villages are spread out and rural in style, in contrast to the built-up, closely planted villages situated in the north of Champagne. Due to the distance of the Côte des Bar from the other regions of Champagne the nature of the soil makeup is quite different. The vineyards of the Côte des Bar are located on Kimmeridgian marl which, in lay terms, is a combination of limestone and clay. This is contrasting to the chalky limestone soils found in the north of Champagne. The southern geographical location of the Côte des Bar is also advantageous as the sunnier and warmer climate improves the growing and ripening ability of the grapes.