Unlocking the Secrets of Champagne in a Tulip Glass

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Just as wine can elevate a meal, so too can glassware greatly enrich the Champagne experience.

The adage of ‘eat and drink what grows together’ has given us the most pleasurable food and wine experiences, such as Champagne and cheese, Burgundy and coq au vin, and Beaujolais and charcuterie. It is our firm belief that glassware extends to this age-old wisdom—for the cuvées at Sally Hillman, we only use and recommend a tulip-shaped glass from Lehmann Glass, locally designed and created in Reims, the unofficial capital of Champagne.

The Lehmann Jamesse collection is the result of the iconic collaboration between Lehmann Glass and Philippe Jamesse, Head Sommelier of 18 years at Domaine Les Crayères. Their intention is to preserve the colour, effervescence and energy of the Champagne experience. The crystal glassware collection, Jamesse Prestige, is delicately made by hand in both vintage and non-vintage styles. For more robust usage, Jamesse, the machine-made crystal glassware collection, is ideal for every style and occasion.

The arrival of Champagne Pierre Gerbais to Le Shop has been one of much anticipation and excitement. From matching the perfect food and bespoke glassware to each cuvée, we now invite you to discover the magic of pairing Champagne Pierre Gerbais with Lehmann Jamesse glassware—both exclusive to Sally Hillman.

Lehmann Jamesse Prestige : Delicately handmade, lead-free crystal glass

Grand Champagne 45 is a vision to behold, tailored to capture fragrance and flavour. Delicate and weightless, the pointed bottom of the bowl promotes a steady stream of bubbles as the cuvée embraces the curvaceous hips of the glass. Through this unblemished window, the full gradient of colour can be appreciated, and aromas preserved, as the shoulders taper in gently at the top of the glass. This is the classic companion for all types of champagne, such as Pierre Gerbais’s Grains de Celles and L’Osmose, where the enigmatic essences of terroir are left to reveal themselves with ease.

Synergie 75 is the ultimate glassware statement. The lavish roundness of the glass allows the wine to stretch over its luxurious curves, releasing aromas with each seductive swirl. This is the perfect glass for savouring the breadth and depth of vintage champagnes and champagne rosé, such as Pierre Gerbais’s L’Originale and Rosé de Saignée, where the entire spectrum of aged, complex and delicate aromas can be celebrated and relished. This glass is also fantastic for still wine, beautifully conveying the intriguing components of Pierre Gerbais’s unique Coteaux Champenois Pinot Blanc 2018.

Lehmann Jamesse : Elegantly crafted, machine made lead-free crystal glass

Premium 28.5 is the quintessential entertainer. This neatly proportioned glass will delight your guests by keeping the champagne effervescent and at the ideal temperature through to the very last sip. A host for all types of champagne, this glass will express the fresh and fruity energy of Pierre Gerbais’s Grains de Celles and Grains de Celles Rosé, while allowing guests to marvel at the fine, everlasting bead with each festive refill.

Grand Champagne 41 is the complete all-rounder, and as versatile as the Grand Champagne 45 glass. Aromas, bubbles and colours can be immediately appreciated as its voluptuous shape guides the wine into relaxing along each curve. Best enjoyed with any champagne and champagne rosé, such as Pierre Gerbais’sL’Audace and Grains de Celles Rosé, the former of which is uniquely made without sulphites and requires a personalised glass to best express the House’s winemaking intentions.

Discover the art of matching grower-producer champagne and tulip-shaped glassware today, ‘as the locals do’. All the above pairings are available at Le Shop and we remain at your disposal for all your Champagne needs.