Elevate Your Tasting Expériences With Lehmann Glass

Just as haute couture accentuates precise contours, Lehmann Glass is tailored to emphasise the cuvées and spirits of great winemakers and distillers.

Created by Gérard Lehmann, renowned glass designer, and Gérard Basset, sommelier extraordinaire, the French glassware brand unites expertise, passion and innovation for a transformative tasting expérience that stimulates a symphony of the senses.

After two years of meticulous research and development, Lehmann Glass have revolutionised the craft of glassmaking once again with the unveiling of their pièce de résistance—the Ultralight range. Combining exceptional finesse and lighter-than-air aesthetics to enhance the elegance and delicacy of champagne, fine wine and spirits, these are glasses which redefine the paradigm.

Set yourself apart and make the ultimate statement with Lehmann’s pure and refined stemware—designed to enrich all tasting expériences and bring sophistication to every table setting, season and occasion.

In the coming weeks, Lehmann Ultralight will be available to pre-order and we invite you to peruse the 2021 catalogue.

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