Champagne Vouette & Sorbée

Vouette & Sorbée, is a family-owned and operated House, with five hectares of vines located in Barséquanais subregion of the Côte des Bar and all of which are certified biodynamic. The region is predominantly a pinot noir growing region, however, Bertrand Gautherot has chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot blanc planted.
The vines are divided among six lieux-dits with five of them located near his hometown of Buxières and one in the neighboring village of Ville-sur-Acre. Both villages are in the of the Côte des Bar, the teal area on la carte.

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Bertrand Gautherot is one of the new breed of independent vignerons embracing their microclimate, utilising conscientious soil and vine-tending techniques - placing Côte des Bar in the spotlight. Originally, the House farmed conventionally and sold their grapes to large Champagne houses but driven by a duty of care and respect for his terroir, Bertrand converted his vineyards and released his first champagne in 2001. Grapes are pressed traditionally, with fermentation occurring in the barrel with natural yeasts. All processes remain as natural as possible, with no dosage and very little addition of sulphur in all of the cuvées. The wines are not marked as vintage as they only have spent about 15 months in bottle or ‘sur lattes’, however, to signify the contents is in fact from a particular year the bottles are labelled with an “R number” that signifies the vintage or récolte. Difficult to source and made in very small quantities, these wines are distinctive, expressive, generous and full of flavour. Perfectly paired with the intense richness of seasonal autumn produce and flavours.