Vouette & Sorbée Fidèle NV


A 100% pinot noir, or blanc de noirs with delicious red fruit flavours and zero dosage.


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Vouette & Sorbée Fidèle NV



Fidèle, is a blanc de noirs, produced using 100% pinot noir from low yielding 30 year old vines with zero dosage. The beautiful deep amber colour is a lovely by-product of vinification in preloved Burgundian barrels and an additional 20 months ‘sur latte’. All winemaking and vineyard practices are proudly biodynamic.


A delicious wine with red fruit flavours upfront and a generous roundness on the palate, all the while delivering a clean energetic finish.

Glass match

Best enjoyed from the Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Synergie 75 handmade glass.

Food match

Perfectly paired with pink lamb racks, potato dauphinoise and green beans.