Champagne Pierre Paillard

Champagne Pierre Paillard is an eighth-generation House run by two brothers, Quentin and Antoine Paillard, in the south side of the Montagne de Reims growing region. The Paillard family has 11 hectares of entirely Grand Cru vineyards in the village of Bouzy. Planted at 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay grapes, known for their richness and generosity.

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They work closely and respectfully with their chalky terroir, as well as the temperature and climatic conditions of each vintage, to encourage natural fruit ripeness. The resulting wines allow freshness and purity to shine through. Working hard to achieve natural resilience in their vines, their vineyard work for the last 20 years has been organic. During wine making and in the cellar there is as minimal intervention as possible and they allow their wines to age longer encouraging finesse and elegance. Pierre Paillard champagnes are perfectly paired with seasonal winter menus.