Nicolas Maillart

The ninth generation member of the Maillart family, Nicolas is currently at the helm of Champagne Nicolas Maillart. Having completed his studies in engineering and œnology he returned to the family Estate in 2003 and by doing so, is continuing an almost three hundred year-old tradition of vine growing by the Maillart family in the growing region of Montagne de Reims.

Headquartered in the village of Écueil, the House grapes come from the villages of Écueil, Villers-Allerand and Bouzy - some of the best terroir in the Montagne de Reims. Specialist growers of pinot noir, they have 75% of their vines planted to this grape with the balance planted to chardonnay, meunier and petit meslier. On average their vines are more than 30 years old. Pinot noir brings strength to their excellent cuvées and chardonnay, elegance.

Stated on the back of the bottle is, "vigne labourée et travaillée en respectant les cycles de la nature" which translates to 'vine plowed and worked respecting the cycles of nature'. The House is certified HVES (high environmental value and sustainable), preferring to employ organic methods and biodynamic treatments without adhering strictly to the rules of these styles of production.

The expression of terroir through the wines is a fundamental part of the House aspirations.