Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Grand Champagne 45

Hand made

Delicately handmade, the Grand Champagne 45 is the perfect all-rounder. Not only does the delicate shape enhance the flavour, they are a joy to hold; delicate and light as a feather! The ideal glass for all types of champagne.

This item is sold as a box of 6 and gift box of 2.

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Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Grand Champagne 45

The aim when washing is to create the perfect environment for the next glass of champagne.

Sally Hillman always recommends you wash your champagne glasses by hand – to avoid breakage apart from anything else – but also to protect the bead, or string of effervescence.

Machine-washed glasses that have been vigorously cleansed and blown-dry upside down, could be so spotless that very few bubbles form.

So just rinse your champagne glasses under warm water, detergent is not necessary as any soap residue ruins the effervescence in champagne. If there are stubborn stains, like lipstick or grease marks, a clean, glassware-only cloth can be used to gently assist with removal when washing glasses.

Drain glasses upside down on a linen tea-towel and when they’re dry, polish them very gently with a Sally Hillman polishing cloth, being careful not to twist the glass against the stem as this may cause breakages.

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