Vouette & Sorbée Saignée de Sorbée


Produced using 100% pinot noir, this wine is a true example of a saignée champagne rosé. Very light on the palate. with red fruit notes and savouriness, it is reminiscent of drinking red burgundy with effervescence. Best enjoyed from the Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Synergie 75 handmade glass.

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Vouette & Sorbée Saignée de Sorbée



Uncrushed 100% pinot noir whole grapes are macerated for six days before pressing, producing a deep pink-red coloured juice. The wine is very effervescent, with a hit of tannin on the front of the tongue followed by a lingering on the back of the palate. Light and bubbly with zero dosage, it has the undertones of a light red wine.


Like a red burgundy with notes of spice, red fruits, brioche, savoury undertones and quince jelly.

Food match

Traditional Peking Duck; perfectly rendered, crisp-skinned duck slices served with pancakes alongside plum sauce and finely sliced cucumbers and spring onions.