Laherte Frères 'Les Empreintes'


A superb and unique champagne that clearly speaks of its Chavot terroir.

Best enjoyed from a Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Grand Champagne 45 glass.

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Laherte Frères 'Les Empreintes'



Disgorged March 2016. This wine offers what Laherte refers to as the ‘quintessence of the Chavot terroir’. It is always a selection of Laherte’s five best barrels from each of his two finest Chavot terroirs: old-vine Chardonnay from a site in Les Chemins d’Épernay, planted in 1957 on clay with chalky subsoils (around a third of the Chardonnay is actually the rare Chardonnay-Muscaté); and Pinot Noir from Les Rouges Maisons, planted in the late ’80’s on deep soil rich in clay, flint and schist. Both wines are vinified separately and raised entirely in old Burgundian barrels (including portions fermented in second-hand DRC Le Montrachet barrels). The dosage is 4g/L 


The depth and texture from the old vines and clay of Les Chemins d’Épernay is perfectly balanced by crystalline freshness.

Food match

Pair simply with freshly chucked oysters.